PENTA CARGO NEWS: Proud Sponsor of the National Technical University of Athens

Penta Cargo proudly supports the NTUA National Technical University of Athens with sponsorship for the International experiment expedition that will take place at the frozen North. Specifically at the Villum station on the Northern edge of Greenland, the neighborhood of the North Pole.

2023 had been the warmest year on earth since any data available. Sudden changes of extreme weather conditions are observed more frequently as our planet is now within the climate crisis.

Climate change trends are not easy to decipher, as they are a function of a multitude of factors. Researchers are looking for answers at the ends of the earth, in boundary conditions that help capture the data. A key question is what will ultimately be the course of concentration of aerosols in the atmosphere, as we have trends that lead to their reduction (such as the reduction in the use of fossil fuels) but also others that contribute to their increase, such as more frequent forest fires. What role will this play in cloud formation, global warming, weather patterns in the coming decades?

In Villum station, an international research mission will look for answers within the ambitious international program CleanCloud and Horizon Pyrotrach, with Greek participation both at the level of researchers and systems, as a lidar system will travel from NTUA to the frozen North. Specifically, in the next period, preparations are being made to send specialized remote sensing instruments (lidar and radar systems) and on-site measurements to the Villum scientific station on the northern edge of Greenland. Aerosol, cloud, wind and ice core measurements are planned there.

The benefits of PENTA’s support is to contribute to our scientific’s community challenging studies of climate/weather changes, affecting our whole planet and future generations.

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Photo: Henrik Skov. The Air Monitoring House February 24th 2015 at noon