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Air Freight - Ap Penta Forwarder

Air Freight - Ap Penta Forwarder

Air Transport is the fastest solution for shipping goods to any corner of the world. We at Penta take pride in providing tailor-made quality services for your air shipments. Whether a domestic or international shipment, our experienced and IATA licensed organization will handle even your most sensitive and ti...

Online Booking

For Customs Clearance please download this form For our valued clients and partners, we have created an e-Business booking system that works. Please click below to log-on with your username, password and safety key. eCargo ONLINE BOOKING

Road Transport

Road Transport

Especially within Europe, Road Transportation offers great solutions for transporting larger quantities of goods both cost and time efficiently. From your door to your customer’s door, Penta will provide you with the most suitable truck services for your needs. We offer the following road transport serv...

Sea Transport / Ocean Freight

Sea Transport / Ocean Freight

Sea Transport is by far the most popular way to move large quantities of goods worldwide due to its cost-efficiency. We at Penta specialize in the movement of Full Container load (FCL), Less than Container load (LCL) cargo and project cargo, either on Flat Rack containers or Bulk carriers.  Photo: View...



We can export FAK by Air, Sea and Trucks to any place in the world. Collection of goods from supplying warehouses from any location within Greece Transfer of goods to the port or airport connected by the carrier which is deemed to the most convenient in accordance with the customer's requirements Custom clea...

ATH Airport Cargo Branch PDF Print E-mail
A.P Penta Forwarding Ltd has signed a multi-year contract with AIA (Athens International Airport) and has the privilege to be of the very few
 licensed freight forwarders in Greece to have their own office inside the heart of the air cargo building in Greece.

Of course our ATH Airport office is licensed Customs Broker and has available trucks to handle any shipment, at any time, at a very
competitive price. All of our staff is IATA trained and licensed with great experience in GC, DG and AVI cargo.

Sharing the same building with ATH Airport Customs, we can guarantee you the most reliable and quick service
 in ATH airport, the biggest airport in Greece.

For further information, please see the CONTACT US page.

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